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“ReMembering” is a project of EnterHistory!

We are an independent project team, that is, a group of freelancers.

You can get an insight into our work so far on


Project leaders

Jane Wegewitz
Project Management/Organisation/Artistic Direction

Tom Pürschel
Project Management/Organisation/Finances



Helen Reichelt

Submitting Material

Ralph Schüller


Judith Lanio (English)

Franziska Menzel

Achim Beier (Stolpersteine Leipzig)
Sebastian Mandla

Christiane Donath (Hebrew)
Ellen Bertram (recently: Leipziger Opfer der Shoah : ein Gedenkbuch, 2015)

Dr. Andrea Lorz



You like our idea and would like to support the project financially? We like that and would be glad!

You can donate, for example! The donations are used exclusively for the “ReMembering” project.


Please address donations for which you need a donation certificate to our cooperation partner “Bon Courage”; with this, you support the workshops. Please use the keyword “ReMembering Leipzig”, so that the donation can be allocated, and also specify an address for the donation certificate in the reason for payment.

… or do it the traditional way:

Bon Courage e.V.
Account number: 10‌90 06‌33 90
Bank code: 86‌05 55‌92 (Sparkasse Leipzig)
IBAN: DE66 8605 5592 1090 0633 90

For donations of up to EUR 200, a simplified donation receipt in the form of a proof of payment (e.g., a copy of the account statement) together with this confirmation is sufficient. Donors who also provide their addresses in the reason for payment will be sent a donation certificate at the beginning of the new year.

For donations without donation certificate, which support the organisation and realisation of the overall project, please use our project account:

Kennwort: "ReMembering Leipzig"
Kontonummer: 0003376710
BLZ:  830 944 95 (EthikBank)
IBAN: DE 14 8309 4495 0003 3767 10

Thank you!



Submitting Material

How can I send you material?

The easiest way, also for us: You send us an e-mail to and the documents as attachment (pdf, jpg etc.). Please note that we can only work on the material if you send the completed and signed entry form!

You can reach us by mail at the following address: EnterHistory! Dresdner Str. 74c, 04317 Leipzig, Germany. Please do not send us originals, because we can neither store them nor send them back!

Does the origin of the material have to be known?


Absolutely! Please send us only material of known origin (in most cases from the family) and / or clear legal position for publication. Unfortunately, we cannot take into account any chance discoveries without reference to the authorship and / or origin.

Use of the material

I do not want my name to be mentioned; can I still send you material?

Yes. In the entry form, you can specify whether the publication is to be made with your real name, under pseudonym or anonymised

I found a diary of my grandmother, but cannot decipher her writing / translate the text; can you do it for me?

Unfortunately no, we cannot guarantee that. However, you are welcome to send us scans of the diary and we will see if we can make a selection for a use in “ReMembering”.

Why are there no fee payments or payments for the rights of use of the material submitted by me?

Our project is not profit-oriented and does not generate any surpluses. All possible revenues go into the realisation of the project.

Please contact via e-mail for further details!

Rights Release

We can only take your submission into account if you release the rights for the material. We cannot pay any fees.

You can find more details in the entry form!

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