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"Double lesson", in preparation

"Deprived of rights overnight" – our first workshop of the new year, started on 5 February, we reminded of the events of the so-called Polenaktion (action against Polish Jews) and the Pogrom Night in Leipzig, which took place 80 years ago. The workshop took place once a month on Mondays 5 pm to 7.30 pm in the Ariowitsch House; on 18 June, the last date, we was in the Bromologic recording studio to record selected memories of contemporary witnesses.
We would like to thank the Holger Koppe Foundation for supporting the workshop and our cooperation partners Ariowitsch-Haus e. V. and Bon Courage e. V.

“Stories Need People to Tell Them” was our second workshop of the year. We inviteded contemporary witnesses and their families, who was here within the framework of the city's official visit programme for former Leipzig citizens of Jewish origin. The workshop started on 30.5. with pupils of the Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium. From 1.6. we met the guests and had two workshop days together as well as a discussion with contemporary witnesses.
"Stories Need People to Tell Them" was co-financed by  Department for International Cooperation (City of Leipzig) and the Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium (Rahn Education)
We would like to thank our cooperation partner Bon Courage e. V. and for the support of the Schulmuseum.


Our first workshop took place from 9 to 13 October as a holiday offer for pupils aged 14 and over in the Ariowitsch-Haus and at the Bromologic recording studio.

In November, a three-day workshop on the community history (15 to 17 November)took place, was addressed to adults as well.

In 2017 the project and it's first workshops were co-financed by
Stadt Leipzig, Kulturamt
Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Dr. Buhmann Stiftung
and supported by
Die Linke, Fraktion im Stadtrat zu Leipzig.
Cooperation partners were Ariowitsch-Haus e. V. and Bon Courage e. V..




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